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Press Release on Work progress of West Kowloon Cultural District Consultative Committee 1/6/2007

Work progress of West Kowloon Cultural District Consultative Committee
(retrieved from, 1/6/2007)

The Consultative Committee on the Core Arts and Cultural Facilities of the West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) discussed its draft report today (June 1).

The Consultative Committee examined in details the need and the justifications for the arts and cultural facilities recommended by the Performing Arts and Tourism Advisory Group (PATAG) and the Museums Advisory Group (MAG). The pros and cons of various financial options were also compared.

The facilities proposed by the PATAG and MAG include a mega performance venue, a xiqu centre, a concert hall, a chamber music hall, a great theatre, medium-sized theatres, black box theatres, the M+ (Museum Plus) which showcases the visual culture in the 20th to 21st centuries and an exhibition centre. According to these proposals, the seating capacity of the arts and cultural performance venues in Hong Kong will increase by almost 40% and Hong Kong will also have modern museum facilities comparable to those in other big cities in the world.

The Consultative Committee also considered the latest report by the Government Economist on the economic impact of the WKCD project. The report acknowledged that the project would have positive economic impact on Hong Kong, which includes developing creative industries, promoting Hong Kong's overall arts and cultural development, nurturing local arts and cultural talents, improving the quality of life, attracting high-quality immigrants and retaining investors, fostering convergence with the Pearl River Delta Region and building up Hong Kong's image as a world city. The construction works of the WKCD will stimulate the economy and provide more job opportunities. Activities in the WKCD will also generate direct benefits, stimulate internal consumption and increase tourism receipts.

After in-depth discussions, the Consultative Committee is now consolidating the recommendations and results of relevant studies submitted by the three advisory groups and will draw up the final report on the financial arrangements, the development model and the way forward for the arts and cultural facilities in the WKCD. The report will be submitted to the Chief Executive before the term of the Consultative Committee expires at the end of this month. The Consultative Committee believed that the Government should take appropriate measures to explain to the public the work and recommendations of the Consultative Committee before making its final decision.

The Chairman of the Consultative Committee, Mr Rafael Hui, thanked the committee members and the 65 members of the three advisory groups for their hard work for the past year or so. The Consultative Committee and its three advisory groups - the PATAG, MAG and Financial Matters Advisory Group, were set up in April 2006 to re-examine the need for the core arts and cultural facilities in the WKCD.


Friday, June 1, 2007
Issued at HKT 18:35


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