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A listing of websites of government departments, non-government organizations and concern groups involved in the discussion of West Kowloon and harbour-front development. Platform members are welcome to enrich this list by sending relevant documents or links to <[email protected]>.

 Official website for Latest Public Consultation on West Kowloon Cultural District
 Designing Hong Kong Harbour District
 Hong Kong Alternatives
 Society for Protection of the Harbour
 Friends of the Earth
 Friends of the Harbour
 Consultative Committee on the Core Arts and Cultural Facilities of the West Kowloon Cultural District
 HKSAR Government Development Bureau
 Hong Kong Sustainable Development Forum
 Legislative Council: Subcommittee on West Kowloon Cultural District Development
 People's Panel on West Kowloon
 The Conservancy Association
 The Council for Sustainable Development


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