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About the Platform

The objective of establishing the West Kowloon and Harbour-Front Opinion Platform is to provide an open, free and credible platform for professionals and members of the general public to express their views on West Kowloon and Harbour-Front development.

Members of the Platform are expected to be people who care about the development of West Kowloon and Harbour-Front. Any such person can register as members of the Platform free of charge under one of the following categories:

  1. Members of the cultural sector who actively promote or participate in cultural activities;
  2. Other professionals who actively promote or care about cultural activities;
  3. Others, including ordinary citizens, who care about the development of West Kowloon and Harbour-Front.

At registration, they are required to providing their real names and email addresses, but can choose whether or not to provide their residential addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and so on. They must also declare their eligibility for the membership category they choose. All personal information thus supplied will be kept confidential by POP except that all names in full will be published for public reference.

All registrations will be done through POP's official website. Each Platform member will receive a password upon registration, which can be used to submit named or anonymous messages at the Platform. All responsibilities, legal and otherwise, arising from any such message shall vest entirely with its author. Platform members can change their designated passwords at any time. Shall there be any reasonable doubt, POP can require any Platform member to prove the authenticity of one's name and membership category by submitting more documents. Failure to comply may result in the cancellation of the user account by POP.

POP shall regularly update the personal information of Platform members free of charge. All information provided will only be used for conducting and analyzing opinion surveys.

POP will conduct three types of opinion gathering exercises relating to West Kowloon and Harbour-Front development, namely, collecting open-ended opinions from Platform members, conducting online survey of Platform members and sample surveys of the general public. The topics and questions of these surveys will be proposed by individual Platform members who will also pay for the costs of running these surveys.

The Platform is expected to be functional for 12 months starting from May 2007.


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